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An ideal wedding venue, set in the heart of Bristol

Get married in the heart of Bristol!

St James Priory is the oldest Building in Bristol still in daily use. Dating from 1129 it was originally a Benedictine Priory founded by Robert of Gloucester and the Abbot of Tewksbury Abbey.

St James Priory Catholic Church is available to book for Weddings. Please read the information as there are important things for you to know and to do in order to ensure that your Wedding proceeds smoothly.

Get married in the heart of Bristol

Use a priest for your wedding at St James Priory

The Priest

St James Priory is not a Parish Church. It does not have a priest in residence. You will have to ask a priest to conduct your Wedding Ceremony here.

It is important that you make sure you have a chance to meet with him before making any arrangements for the wedding. The priest who will celebrate your wedding will want to meet with you to get to know you and to help you with the preparation as part of your journey into married life.

He will need to ensure that the requirements for marriage are all met and that the necessary paperwork is completed and in order.

Music & Flowers

  • You will need to make your own arrangements for Music at your wedding.
  • We can help you with the sound systems.
  • We have an organ that is available to use.
  • You will need to make your own arrangement for Flowers.
  • Very often access is required and available on the day before.
Get married in the heart of Bristol

Choose your own music at your wedding

St James is a place of Christian (Roman Catholic) worship

Celebrate your marriage at St James


There is no objection to throwing confetti but please ensure that your guests use biodegradable confetti.

Do not use rice.

Photography & Filming

Out of courtesy, your photographer will need to speak to the priest who is marrying you. The priest will be able to confirm where and where not to go during the wedding. Recordings must be for personal use and not for commercial gain

The Priory Church

Make great memories of your wedding day

Contacting the registry office

You will need to contact the Bristol Register Office. They will assist you in ensuring that you give the appropriate period of notice and permission to enable the marriage to take place. You will be issued with a Marriage Document which you should give to the Authorised Person at St James.

Use of the church building

The contribution for the use of the church building is something that can so easily be forgotten. Throughout the year the church has to be
maintained and your contribution goes towards the running costs and upkeep.


There is limited parking available. Please check how many spaces will be available for your wedding.There are public car parks within easy walking distance.

Fees payable

These fees should be paid to St James Priory on booking your wedding.

  • Use of Church: £350.
  • Priest stipend: £100.
  • Marriage Register & Certificate: £65.
  • Candles: £1.50 each.