The Priory Church was officially re-opened on 25th July (the feast of St James) by the Bishop of Clifton Declan Lang.

The church was packed, with around 500 people and standing room only, for the celebration mass which was a beautiful and moving ceremony to mark the completion of the restoration, repair and conservation of this historic building.

But as Bishop Declan acknowledged this project is more than just a building. It about people – those with the vision, those with the passion and will to achieve the vision and those who receive the rewards of the resulting healing , heritage and hospitality.

Simon Timms (Chair of HLF)  spoke enthusiastically  about the joy he had to see the restoration and especially to know that the legacy of this historic site is well established now to follow on for another 882 years.

Afterwards those who attended were able to look around and appreciate the stunning changes that have enhanced this special heritage site.

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