The blessings of a Holy place

At first, I was kind of scared/ apprehensive, being in an old quiet church. But, then,realizing that the Holy Spirit dwells in the place, had provided some sense of comfort and serenity. What amazed me as well was the fact that a faithful would perceive some kind of inner peace, with the 24 hour vigil candles in the altar area.

The illumination inside the church, truly promotes tranquility, a haven of rest amidst the surrounding sound of the city.

I have visited the church many times and have heard some early morning eucharistic celebrations, which to me is among the most solemn celebrations I have ever experienced! Above all, all my prayers/ intentions for myself, my friends, and some family members have all been heard/ granted. Hence, I consider the place holy. Indeed, a miraculous place!

I am praying that St. James Priory would remain as it is now, for centuries to come. For more souls to be uplifted and for countless people to know that in a simple/quiet place is the presence of the Holy Spirit.

I am praying that more people would visit the church and would generously donate towards its maintenance.

God bless St. James Priory and everyone who is supporting this holy place.